From theater in Colorado to social justice

by admin on 22 June, 2012

I’ve got two cover articles this summer—“Big Time Theater in Small Town Colorado,” in Colorado Country Life, and “Social Justice: What’s tarnishing its good name?” in U.S. Catholic.

The two magazines are as different as a country store is from a cathedral (both great destinations, but you go for different reasons), and the articles are just as different as well. One of the sources for the social justice piece emailed me that he hoped the piece would be used for classes. Social justice is an important issue that’s not going away anytime soon. Christopher Hayes’s book, <i>Twilight of the Elites,</i> talks a bit about this in regard to the current sensibility on equality in the United States. We’re probably the most unequal we’ve ever been (with the exception of the position of slaves before the Civil War), and we’re certainly the most unequal in the industrialized world. Gross inequality is wrong, teaches the Catholic Church… evidently except to right-wing Catholics, who don’t seem to be reading the same catechism at all.

As for the theater story, I’m hoping that it will inspire people to attend one of Colorado’s mountain theaters this summer. They can clip the sidebar, “Colorado’s Mountain Theater Gems,” for information on a dozen mountain theaters.

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