Tea Party Brat: Party On

by admin on 12 June, 2014

Major disagreement with someone in the house (let’s say it was the cat) about whether David Brat, long-shot Republican upsetter of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, was a Tea Partier.

This arose from the New York Times article in which it was revealed that Brat had failed to win any financial backing from Tea Party groups, despite meeting with several of those groups. That led to the Times‘ headline: “A Long Shot So Long, the Tea Party Took a Pass” and to the cat crowing that Rachel Maddow’s reporting last night had been completely bogus, that Brat wasn’t a Tea Party candidate.

Silly cat.

The Tea Party is a movement, not a party, except in terms of damn the torpedoes, party on! (Or damn the evidence for climate change, out-of-control gun chaos, evolution, the need for regulations in general, Ayn Rand’s fundamental immoral amorality, or…. but the list goes on far too long.)

Brat is definitely a Tea Party Brat. Party on.

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